25 Before 25

“Firstly we would like to know a bit about you, introduce yourself”, this is the worst thing I can be asked to do in an interview as I never know what to say. Well, Last month on 23rd August I turned 22, I know I don’t look a day over 16 (I joke, I’m aging faster than I had hoped for). But with this in mind I started to think about the future, which began to scare me a little and I had to ground myself shortly after – but I wanted to have at least a few aims to complete before I hit the next decade of my life. So the ’25 before 25’ list was born:

1 – Move abroad for at least six months – this is probably a big ask over the next three years but it’s always good to have high ambitions for a few things in life, right?

2 – Become a Connoisseur of Tea – something everyone will tell you about me is that I am obsessed with tea, just standard tea (sometimes a redbush or seasonal bag can get used) and I would love to be able to learn more about tea and the tea making process

3 – Cooking Masterclass – I would love to be able to go and learn exactly how to use the utensils in my kitchen and be able to ‘whip up’ something incredible to impress guests with

4 – Go to a really fancy restaurant – following on from the last goal this would be the next best experience, to be able to taste and see what Micheline stars are made of

5 – Let Go of the Past (Stop holding grudges) – use this time to challenge myself in learning from the past but also in turn not letting it define my future, it needs to be left in the past

6 – Admire Myself – Learn to love myself as to quote Ru Paul, “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

7 – Be a Part of History – Start standing up for what I believe in and hopefully make a difference however small that may be

8 – Learn Yoga – I feel like this would be very beneficial to my stressful and busy life, with the new yoga mat I asked for my birthday I literally have no excuse now

9 – Be debt free (definitely not student loans) – what I believe to be important is to take as minimal debt as possible to the next stage of life

10 – Go out more in the evenings – since finishing university and starting my mundane 9 to 5, I have become like a hermit and very rarely venture out in the evenings, needing to get out more and see friends/family

11 – Go Skinny Dipping – always something I’ve wanted to do but never found anyone to do it with

12 – Finally run that 5k – something I have always wanted to do, but have found myself too lazy to run or struggling with health

13 – Attempt to break a world record – not sure in what as of yet, probably something unique but I am going to do my research and get practising

14 – Go to a comedy night at a club – stand-up comedy is not really of interest to me but I do like a good comedy film, being a good sarcastic person myself, so it has made the list to blend both worlds together

15 – Volunteer for a good cause – I don’t feel like I give back enough, so I would like to find a cause that I would be able to throw myself into

16 – Learn a Language Thoroughly – I have always been obsessed with other languages but have never been able to force myself to thoroughly learn one

17 – Go and watch F1 racing – I have always wanted to experience the atmosphere of the races and to see the pit stop changes for myself

18 – Travel to the Asian continent – Next on the travel list has to be Japan I think

19 – Get a six pack and do a photoshoot to celebrate – A six pack for me would be when I am healthiest and achieved all my fitness goals

20 – Rough it up and go camping for a weekend – My colleagues and family would describe me as ‘prim and proper’, the idea of camping really worries me, but there’s a first time for everything

21 – Participate in La Tomatina – A festival that both disgusts but really intrigues me, so it’s on the list to step out of my comfort zone

22 – Study a Master’s Degree – there is a lot I would like to achieve in life but I am still unsure on what path to take, these next few years (hopefully with your help) will give me some direction. Well, I hope!

23 – Write a children’s book – or if not a children’s book maybe a regular one

24 – See what life is like as a blonde – Why not?

25 – Create my 30 before 30 list – because goals and ambition is important

Hopefully that helps you get to know me better, giving you a better idea about me and some of my interests. Anything you think I have missed and definitely should achieve by 25? What would you put on yours?

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