At a Crossroad?

Recently in life; especially since going back to work after lockdown, I haven’t felt the happiest that I could have been with my current life choices and I realise that the only person who has the power to change my life path. From this confusion, I sat down and started to think about decision making itself managing to break it down into six different topics.

1 – Realise the power of decisions – First it is best to understand what a decision does, there are a series of chain events and reactions which will be caused from making a decision. Every moment of every day we all make decisions, most are small and inconsequential, but some can be life-altering.

2 – Go with your gut – often, we take way too much time to make a decision as we are worried about the consequences. I am a terrible culprit of this, over thinker alert! The quicker we start to make decisions, the less time we spend in decision paralysis. If you can push past the fear and doubts associated with decision making, you are able to start taking control of your life’s outcomes. Begin to learn your gut and what your instinct is telling you. Your instinct is usually the correct answer for you but more importantly it’s usually the one you truly want to go for. It may be hard to understand at present whilst making the decision but learning to go with your gut makes you a more confident decision maker and mistakes are all an important learning curve.

3 – Carry the decision out – when you make a decision, it is imperative and vital to commit to that decision and to carry out the actions provided to achieve the desired outcome. It is pointless to make a decision but only play out the scenario in your head, this could be seen as the equivalent of mot making a decision at all. If real changes are to be made, the best way I’ve found to achieve this is by creating habits however big or small, this implements the decision made and through repetitive structure you will have so much more confidence to accomplish the main goal of the decision or the next decision.

4 – Talk to others about your decision – Most people will say the same regarding this, telling someone about your goals and ambitions will provide a small amount of pressure or moral obligation to uphold and produce results. This really helps with decisions that require more than just willpower to complete, or talking through life decisions with someone else can help you to understand what you really want to and iron out some of those wrinkles. Will the other people really care or understand your situation? Probably not but most will be happy to lend an ear of provide some advice for your situation, but even the really small changes/decisions; the fact that you have told someone else will give you the motivation to get through.

5 – Learn from your past – When I have ‘failed’ before (using the term fail loosely, as its more about experience and learning) to follow up on the decision I’ve created for myself, I would ask myself “what can I do differently to achieve this next time?” whether that be; Tomorrow, Next Week or Next Year. The true trick is to never get up, sounds cheesy but it is significant to personal development to strive to meet your dreams/targets. No one has ever made a decision and it has gone swimmingly well, there will always be time where it slips or you ‘mess up’ (trust me, we have always been there). Never beat yourself up for this, accept that it has happened and learn from it. Just ask yourself, what went wrong and how can you change this for next time.

6 – And follow a flexible approach – this may sound backwards, but making a decision does not mean that you should cement a specific approach to achieve this. Being open and not stubborn to your decision journey will help you to embrace new knowledge and methods, making you a better-rounded person and will bring you closer to your initial decision.

Due to taking the time to analyse decisions themselves and to write my thoughts down, I have come to my own decision for my immediate life plan and I hope by reading this you will be more settled in your decision making too.

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