About Elliott

Hello World! I am Elliott, a 22 year old who lives in Surrey, UK – Near West London. I am a gay guy (Surprise!) who is currently finding their way in life (aren’t we all?). I am a recent university graduate, holding a Batchelor of Science in Geography – physical geography based – but am not sure what to do next, possibly a masters degree (but any suggestions?). I am a proud doggy dad to Winnie, a plant fanatic and have recently learnt to sew – creating my own small business of face masks (as why shouldn’t covid be couture?).

Currently confused with the world as it stands I wanted to create my own and use this as an outlet to share my thoughts, experiences and some positivity. This could be from past/future travel chats, lifestyle ideas/tips and most importantly some positive news (as we all need some positive vibes in our lives).

Six years of more ‘life experience’ than most has made me into a ‘well-seasoned’ individual, I’m a strong bean or a tough cookie if you will. I also want to share some of this with you all, just to say that you are never alone – someone out there can always relate to what you are going through and are able to have a healthy discussion.

This is going to be an exploratory adventure together so make sure to subscribe! And please get in touch (don’t be afraid, I don’t bite) – Email: elliottjhstreet@gmail.com – I look forward to sharing my life with you all.