Crossing Continental Europe with Stephen (and Jess)

Hello … So recently jess and I started looking at doing another one of these trips next summer (in the hopes that there will be a more adapted norm to the current situation), which made me realise how much fun the last cross continental trip was; which I should really share with you all. To start with Stephen is not a person but was my trusty 18l backpack, who is looking a little dusty at present. Taking three months to plan and book this 17 day trip took us a round trip total of 6,544km from our home in Surrey, flying across to Split, Croatia and then working our way back to Amsterdam before flying home again. A grand total of 180km of this was walking on our feet, whether that be travelling or exploring, this doesn’t sound like much coming in at only 2.75% but after 17 days we both really did need a rest (and some blister plasters). The Next 14 blog posts in this series will take you through the journey that we took across Europe, what we ended up doing on our travels and also hopefully provide you with some hints and tips along the way.

For this post though we will stick to the planning stage of the trip, as stated before this did take us a good few months in the end. We started in February 2019 both at university and wanting to do something exciting to celebrate both our 21st birthdays that year and also my looming graduation. So we brought out a map and started to scribble down what we really wanted to achieve on this trip, after much deliberation and compromises an agreement was made. This was going to be one of the biggest trips we had made so far and one that we were very excited for.

At the end of April, all the travel for the trip; planes, trains, bus and car hire were booked (one tip here would be that if you are planning on travelling by coach/international bus – we used FlixBus – these need to be booked as soon as possible to obtain the cheapest fare). The accommodation; a mix of hostels, AirBnB and hotels were booked later as most were not bookable till May but by mid-May, the trip was fully booked/completed and we were ready to go.

I have so many fond memories from this trip and I cannot wait to share them all with you.